Welcome to Hazuwa Advanced Apprenticeship Program

Hazuwa Apprenticeship is an industry-driven and high-quality career pathway where employers can develop and prepare Apprentice to be Entreprenuers with a sure startup capital offered in wallet system.

Apprenticeship Transforms Lives.

Hazuwa Apprentice Hub based model is focused on the apprentices progress when they demonstrate mastery instead of through time based. This model allows apprentices flexible training opportunities and on the job placement. This program is for youths(graduate and high school) and those opting for career change.

Hazuwa Advanced Apprenticeship Program (HAAP)

Levels of Apprenticeship Programs are:

  • Entry Level Apprenticeship.
  • Higher Level Apprenticeship.
  • Hazuwa Apprenticeship opportunities includes:

  • Hazuwa Information Technology Apprenticeship Program. (HITAP)
  • Hazuwa Business Management Apprenticeship Program.(HBMAP)
  • Benefits of Hazuwa Apprenticeship Program includes:

  • Apprenticeship gives you hands on training through placements.
  • Classroom training is tied to the apprenticeship with a Diploma Certificate.
  • You will come out of the apprenticeship program with a job or become an Entreprenuer.
  • Connecting with Entreprenuers

    Hazuwa connects startup entrepreneurs with the knowledge, support programs, mentors and investors they need to succeed and also connect prospective apprentices to Enterpreneurs.

    Hazuwa Diploma Programs For Apprentices are:

  • Diploma in Business Management and Entreprenuership.
  • Diploma in Information Technology.
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    Hazuwa Apprentice Hub Packages

    Diploma Studies & Wallet Account
    Apprentice Placement
    • Connecting Apprentice with Entreprenuers
    Wallet Services
    • Offer startup Capital from the wallet system and Low cost Bill payments.
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    Diploma Programme
    • Enroll into Diploma Programme to get National Diploma in (HBMAP or HITAP) within 1 year.
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    • Align Apprentices and Entreprenuers with business mentors.
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