Welcome to Hazuwa Institute

Hazuwa Institute is an industry-driven Institute and high quality career pathway that combines technology and preneurship skills.

Hazuwa Institute Upskills and Transforms Lives.

Hazuwa Institute students are nurtured through quality innovative technology trainings, certifications model and Enhanced Internship. Hazuwa Institute model allows students flexible training opportunities and exposure to latest digital, business and technological skills. This program is for anyone looking to be professionally certified, up-skill and those opting for career change into Information Technology.

Hazuwa Institute

Levels of Hazuwa Institute Certifications are:

  • Entry Level
  • Higher Level
  • Hazuwa Institute Programs Includes:

  • Benefits of Studying at Hazuwa Institute includes:

  • Gives you hands on training with simulation labs.
  • Classroom training is tied to the practical sessions.
  • Gain the advanced skills, experience & connection you need to get the high paying jobs.
  • Hazuwa Educational Partners:

  • Kaspersky Lab (KEDR, KESM, Security Assessment)
  • PECB University (ISO Certifications)
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    Technopreneur Hub focuses on developing digital skills and growing Tech innovators as Technopreneurs.

    Technopreneur Hub integrates with HazPay which is for Digital Nomads earning of income from IT Project services.

    Technopreneur Hub creates business opportunities from a network of founders and entrepreneurs.

    Hazuwa Institute Packages

    Professional IT Training & Certifications
    Why Enroll into Hazuwa Institute?
    • Hazuwa Institute Courses offers Globally Accepted Professional Certificates.
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    HazPay Affiliates
    • Hazuwa HazPay offers good income earnings to Technopreneurs Certified as Digital Nomads.
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    Graduate Internship
    • Connecting Graduate to Organizations
    HazPay Digital Nomad
    • HazPay Digital Nomad ecosystem for Certified TechnoPreneurs.
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